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Pro Solutions Workshop - Houston w/Hasselblad & Broncolor

Hey everyone, there's another pro workshop at West Studios on Thursday April 13 with Hasselblad and broncolor. Check out the link for more details:

Copyright Tutorial - from ASMP & PhotoShelter - ASMP

March is a great time to submit your 2017 shoots for copyright. ASMP offers some great tools for its members like this copyright tutorial Don't forget to register for Estimating 201!

Benefits for Members - Join - ASMP

New Members Benefits! Discounts off The Next Level Workshop with Michael Jordan Smith, CUNY, and the 2017 Palm Springs Photo Festival. Check out to access all your member benefits!

Tethered Photography and Lightroom Retouching with Jared Platt

Tether Tools has partnered up with Jared Platt, one of their Tether Tools Pros, to offer a FREE 90 minute educational webinar on Lightroom Retouching. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, March 7th at 1pm. Learn new tips to help with your retouching workflow. Tether Tools will also be giving away a $50 gift card! To register for the webinar go to:

Houston « Events « Storefront

Register today for tomorrow's Tethering Workshop and Copyright & Cocktails! Houston Camera Exchange Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC Tether Tools

Houston « Events « Storefront

FREE EVENT - OPEN TO EVERYONE!! Registration is now open for our Tethering Workshop and Cocktails & Copyright event. If you plan on attending both please register for both.

Benefits for Members - Join - ASMP

New benefits for ASMP members! I know a lot of our members use Moo for business cards and more. Now you get 25% off all orders! If you've been looking to add Photo Mechanic to your workflow, you can now enjoy 15% off a new license or upgrade. Stay tuned for more benefits coming in 2017!


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