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How Apple Views Photography | Here’s What’s Coming & It’s More Than Just Raw Capture

DNG on our phones? What opportunities do you forsee that you can take advantage of for your business? Discuss!

Bill Cunningham on Bill Cunningham

Honoring Mr. Bill Cunningham today

ASMP Houston

**Volunteer Opportunity!** Do you remember last year when Nathan Lindstrom Photography, Killy Photography and Mauricio Ramirez volunteered to shoot kids for CPS at the Houston Center for Photography? If you don't, you can see us here on Channel 13! ( Well, once again, CPS is looking for volunteers to photograph children for their Heart Gallery Photo event on July 30, 2016 at Lakewood Church from 8am to 2pm. They are asking that photographers be at Lakewood by 9am and setup by 9:30am. Photo sessions will end by 1:30pm. Interested? It's for a good cause. Photographically, you have complete creative freedom, so it can potentially be a lot of fun as well! Did I mention we were recognized at their annual gala with an award? Put your name in the comments section and we'll put you in touch with the folks at CPS! Thanks!

50 Ways to Use Gaffer Tape | Fstoppers

When was the last time you used gaffer tape? What did you use it for?

50 Ways to Use Gaffer Tape | Fstoppers

Do you send a Terms & Conditions document with your contracts? Here's a great resource to see how your T&Cs stack up. If you've never used them, get up to speed! Thanks PhotoShelter!

Selina Maitreya Consultant

Here are some fantastic, short papers from photographer consultant Selina Maitreya! Do yourself and your business a favor and give them a read!

FotoFest 2016 Biennial - CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES Book

If you are the person that likes to collect photography books here is your chance to pick up another one.


Mark Green is sharing his experience and knowledge incorporating video into an existing still photography business. Join us April 5 at 6:30pm at TexCam. Free for members.

Join us March 15, 2016 from 6-8pm for the opening of the ASMP Houston FotoFest Show. Located at 1100 Louisiana.